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The journal publishes original papers on various fields of Vietnamese studies: politics, economics, society, history, culture, philology, as well as reviews of scientific conferences dedicated to Vietnam, information on the defense of dissertations in Vietnamese studies, the most important official documents, book reviews about Vietnam and articles on leading Russian and Vietnamese scientists in this field.

The audience of the journal is scientists and academicians working in the area of Vietnamese studies, teachers and university students, as well as anyone interested in Vietnam.

Mission of the journal: integrate the results of scientific work of Russian and foreign scientists in various fields of Vietnamese studies into the international scientific space, be an international platform for scientific discussion, acquaint scientists and everyone interested in Vietnam with the latest research, scientific events and the latest literature about Vietnam.

Main research fields:

  • Historical sciences and archeology
  • Economic Sciences
  • Philological sciences (Literary criticism; Linguistics)
  • Sociological sciences
  • Political science
  • Culturology



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Current Issue

Vol 7, No 3-2 (2023)

Scientific researches

Problems and Prospects of contemporary Vietnam–China Relations
Babaev K.V.

In 2022–2023 in connection with the escalation of the confrontation between the United States and China in Asia-Pacific in both military and political spheres, the position of the countries of East and Southeast Asia acquires an extremely important role. A number of regional powers have already taken their side, and the struggle between the two superpowers now aims to attract new allies and partners out of the ASEAN countries. Vietnam as a regional leader and a major economic player in the strategically important Greater Mekong region is of paramount importance to the interests of both the United States and China. Vietnam finds itself in the epicenter of a big diplomatic game between Washington and Beijing. The Chinese leadership can no longer ignore the danger of rapprochement of its Southern neighbors with the military-political associations that the United States forms along the borders of the PRC. The future of not only the two-state dialogue, but also in many respects the security and stability in the Southeast Asia depends on how the Chinese authorities approach the resolution of problems in Vietnam–China relations.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):5-17
pages 5-17 views
Cadre Work in Vietnam Today: Situation and Solutions
Tran T.T.

Cadres are the “root” of all work, and the quality of cadre work is a decisive factor in the success of the country's development strategy - this is the lesson learned from the practice not only of Vietnam but also of other countries. During the Doi Moi period, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) paid great attention to renovating and rectifying its cadre work. For many reasons, in addition to the achievements, the cadre work in Vietnam still has many limitations. The trend of democratization, the goal of the country's rapid and sustainable development, and the people's demands for the quality of the public administration system have brought new demands on cadres and cadre work. In this article, based on the analysis of the current situation of cadre work in the Doi Moi period, the author proposes a system of solutions to improve the quality of cadre work and thereby enhance the strength of the political system in Vietnam.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):18-27
pages 18-27 views
Determinants Influencing the Investment Decision of Large Firms in Vietnam
Nguyen P.T.

Attracting investment is currently a top issue for Vietnam in general and localities in particular, especially attracting capital flows from large firms in high-tech, eco-friendly industries, toward a green economy and sustainable development. So, this research is conducted to attract investment effectively from large firms, based on the determinants that influence business investment decisions. The study carried out 226 survey samples of large non-state firms in Vietnam, using the EFA test and linear regression. The results reveal that investing in Vietnam is the right decision, and supporting services have the largest influence, followed by human resources, geographic infrastructure, input costs, and market, respectively. Based on the findings, some recommendations are proposed for localities to improve their investment environment and efficiency in order to attract strategic investors and meet the province's sustainable development orientation.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):28-38
pages 28-38 views
Organized Labor Migration of Vietnamese in Russia: History and Modernity
Ryazantsev S.V., Piskunov S.A.

The article is devoted to the problem of attracting foreign labor force to the Russia from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) in the 1980s–2010s. It is noted that the most important aspects of this arge scientific topic should be considered the issues of labor and social integration of migrants into the Russian society, state policy in this area, the role of employers and society in the process of adaptation of arriving workers. The importance of historical experience is emphasized, proving that migration processes are an important attribute of the strategy for developing interaction between states. The thesis is substantiated that the Soviet practice of migration policy towards foreigners did not involve the simple involvement of Vietnamese migrants in the production process – they became members of interethnic labor collectives. However, in connection with the development of market relations in Russia, the Soviet experience was abandoned to the detriment of strengthening friendly ties between states.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):39-52
pages 39-52 views
Archeology of the Volcanic Caves in Krong No: Historical - Cultural Significance
Le H.X., Nguyen S.K., La P.T., Nguyen B.V.

This article introduces the results of excavation and research on the cultural remains of prehistoric people in the volcanic caves at Krong No, Dak Nong (Vietnam). The sediments in the caves have preserved a standard stratigraphy of the prehistoric culture of the ancient people who lived there, allowing an assessment of the tools, burial characteristics, and vestiges of animals and plants. The absolute dating system (14C) has revealed continuous human habitation in the caves from 7,000 to 4,000 BP. In addition, the archeological evidence from the volcanic caves at Krong No provides important information about the past environment, evolutionary history and diversity of nature, adaptation of people to changes in the environment, and their spiritual culture (from burial documents). Clear findings on the characteristics of the ancient fauna and flora are not commonly found in the archeological evidence of the Central Highlands volcanic region of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):53-66
pages 53-66 views
Vietnamese People's Customs of Worshiping the Soul: Concept, Content and Current Changes
Vu V.H.

Besides the types of folk beliefs, such as the belief in worshiping Mother Goddesses, the belief in worshiping of village’s tutelary god, the belief in worshiping ancestors, etc. which are very popular in the religious life of Vietnamese, the belief in worshiping the soul which is also prevalent, occupies an important position in the spirit of Vietnamese. However, in the constant exchange and change of cultural flows and other Vietnamese folk beliefs, this belief has changed in modern life. The basis of this article is studying ancient bibliographies as well as conducting Điền dã in some localities across Vietnam, interviewing a number of prestigious elderly people in clans, villages, and people who specialize in worshiping. The study also showed that, despite many changes in society, many new ideological and religious trends appeared; along with it are negative things that arise, but basically, the Belief in worshiping the soul still has specific values in the spiritual life of Vietnamese.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):67-77
pages 67-77 views
Vietnamese Political Discourse from Linguistic Perspective
Nguyen N.T.

The article investigates existing approaches of Vietnamese, Russian and Western researchers to political discourse study. Besides works of Russian and Western researchers written within the framework of political linguistics, which is already developed in the relevant scholarly communities, the material of the analysis includes works of Vietnamese, Russian and Western scholars on Vietnamese political discourse. Methods of comparison, discourse analysis and content analysis allowed the author to obtain results that helped identify main trends and point out underdeveloped areas of Vietnamese political discourse research.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):78-88
pages 78-88 views
Prepositions as a Serious Difficulty in Learning Vietnamese
Britov I.V.

The article notes that it is important to pay special attention to prepositions when learning the Vietnamese language, as in Vietnamese grammar they play a significant role and have many features. The author lists and analyses the factors that prevent adequate understanding, use and translation of Vietnamese pretexts by students. These include interference, deviation, semantic interpretation, situational prepositions, multiple meanings, variability, partial equivalence, as well as typological features of the Vietnamese language and cultural factor. There are some general recommendations to minimize preposition errors during the study of the Vietnamese language.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):89-100
pages 89-100 views

Scientific life

Russia’s Role in Establishing Ho Chi Minh As Leader of the Vietnam Revolution
Nikulina E.V., Deryuzhenko I.V.

That is the review of the international scientific conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s first visit to Russia and organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Saint Petersburg State University together with the Center for Vietnam and ASEAN Studies of ICCA RAS. The participants' reports noted the role of Russia in the life and work of Ho Chi Minh and the relevance of its ideas in our time.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):101-104
pages 101-104 views

Official documents

Joint Leaders’ Statement: Elevating United States–Vietnam Relations to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

On September 10, 2023, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee Nguyen Phu Trong and President of the United States Joseph R. Biden Jr. (the “Leaders”) met and held talks in Hanoi, Vietnam. The two Leaders hailed a historic new phase of bilateral cooperation and friendship by elevating their nations’ relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for the purposes of peace, cooperation, and sustainable development. The United States supports a strong, independent, prosperous, and resilient Vietnam. 

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):105-111
pages 105-111 views
Joint Statement on Strengthening the Strategic Partnership between Viet Nam – Italy

At the invitation of the President of the Italian Republic, H.E. Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, H.E. Vo Van Thuong, paid a State visit to the Italian Republic from 26 to 27 July 2023. 2.This was the first Head-of-State visit between the two countries in seven years. The visit was of great significance in promoting political trust and strengthening the Viet Nam - Italy Strategic Partnership. The visit was also particularly meaningful as it took place at a time when the two countries celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations (1973-2023) and the 10th anniversary of the Strategic Partnership.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):112-115
pages 112-115 views
Nguyen Ai Quoc at the Fifth Congress of the Comintern
Sokolov A.A.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):116-117
pages 116-117 views


Foreign Guide to Vietnam
Butko A.A.

The review is given to a reference book on modern Vietnam published by the Routledge publishing house (UK), which is a collection of 38 scientific articles by an international team of authors. The book provides a general description of all spheres of life in this dynamically developing country. The reference book will be useful to everyone who studies Vietnam and is interested in the current state of the country.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):118-121
pages 118-121 views

Tribute to the scientist

In memory of Dr. Oksana V. Novakova
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2023;7(3-2):122-123
pages 122-123 views

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