Vol 1, No 4 (2014)


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Kratkoe soderzhanie sbornika

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On May 20 th, 2013, the RAS Institute for Far Eastern studies held the 4th scientific and practical Conference «Vietnam in the World Community». This annual traditional meeting of the Russian and foreign scientists, engaged in the research of modern and traditional Vietnam, attracted over 60 representatives of scientific and academic institutes from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Vietnam, Ukraine, Belorussia and Poland. It has also become an important and useful tradition to publish the collections of articles after each conference. The participants prepare those articles on the basis of their reports and submit them to the editorial board of the Center of Vietnam and ASEAN Studies. The publication of these articles in the series «The Vietnamese studies» allows to show a lot of interesting research works of the well-known experts and young scientists on the processes of social, political and economic development, internal and foreign policy, ancient, modern and contemporary history of Vietnam.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):9-15
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Vneshnyaya politika SRV posle XI s\"ezda KPV

Fam Suan Shon -.


The collection «The Vietnamese studies. Vol. IV» consists of five sections. The first is «The Foreign policy of Vietnam». It offers quite an informative article of Pham Xuan Son (the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Russia and Doctor of Laws) on the foreign policy of Vietnam in light of the decisions of the latest XI Congress of the CPV. Having talked about the open, multi-vector policy of his country and the strengthening of its international position and growth of prestige in the global community, the author also described the importance of a comprehensive strategic partnership relations between Russia and Vietnam as a factor of peace and stability in the Southeast Asia and throughout the Asia Pacific region.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):16-27
pages 16-27 views

V'etnam i mirovoe soobshchestvo: kontakty, vzaimodeystvie i vliyanie (nekotorye aspekty)

Novakova O.V.


Associate Professor of the MSU Institute of Asian and African studies Dr. O.V. Novakova gave a generally described the place of Vietnam in the world community. The article shows traditional principles of building the Vietnamese society in order to get an adequate picture of the contemporary appearance of the country. According to the author, the country should form its new basis addressing to national historical traditions and customs, including the traditional idea of state ideology and practice of ancient beliefs.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):28-48
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V'etnamo-kitayskie otnosheniya: problemy i perspektivy

Lokshin G.M.


Leading Researcher of the Center of Vietnam and ASEAN studies Dr. G. M. Lokshin continues the Topic «Vietnam and the world community» in the article «Vietnam-China Relations: problems and perspectives.» According to the author, the sovereignty dispute over the islands and the waters of the South China Sea has reached a new protracted stage. However Vietnam tries to avoid worsening the relations with China.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):49-72
pages 49-72 views

V'etnamo-rossiyskoe sotrudnichestvo i razvitie nauchno-tekhnologicheskoy sfery v SRV

Nguen Kuok Khung -.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):73-90
pages 73-90 views

Ekonomicheskie posledstviya uchastiya V'etnama v VTO

Mazyrin V.M.


Opening the second section of the collection, dedicated to the problems of social and economic development of Vietnam, Doctor of Economic Sciences and Head of the Center of Vietnam and ASEAN studies of the RAS Institute for Far Eastern studies V. M. Mazyrin, focused on the economic consequences of the six-year participation of Vietnam in the WTO. According to the author, the intensified economy liberalization (which had started in 2007), the inflow of foreign capital and expansion of foreign trade aggravated the country's macroeconomic imbalances, which (taking into account the global financial crisis) led to a slowdown in growth.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):91-115
pages 91-115 views

Strany subregiona Bol'shogo Mekonga: problemy ekologicheskoy bezopasnosti

Fam Tkhan' Suan T.S.


The article by the head of the Department of the Community of the Vietnamese Citizens in Russia Pham Xuan Thanh is of great interest. The author made a detailed analysis of threats to the environmental security of the river basin Mekong, which have increased in the recent years due to the unfolding construction of dams and hydroelectric power plants around it.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):116-123
pages 116-123 views

Demograficheskie i sotsial'no-ekonomicheskie posledstviya global'nogo potepleniya i izmeneniya klimata vo V'etname

Ryazantsev S.V., Luk'yanets A.S., Man'shin R.V.


A broad scientific material is presented in the article prepared by a group of scientists from the ISPR RAS under the supervision of S.V. Ryazantsev, Doctor of Economic Sciences and Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The author analyzed the demographic, social and economic impacts of global warming and climate change in Vietnam. It may result in the flood of the most developed areas, which will lead to the mass population displacement (including outside the country in a form of illegal immigration).
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):124-128
pages 124-128 views

Polozhenie v finansovoy sfere V'etnama v sravnenii so stranami Vostochnoy Azii posle mirovogo krizisa

Trigubenko M.E.


A very informative article about the situation in the financial sector of Vietnam was presented by Dr. M.Trigubenko, Head of the sector of the East and South-East Asia of the RAS Institute of Economics. In her opinion, Vietnam still has not extricated itself from the consequences of the global financial crisis. However in general, she evaluates the current financial condition of the country as not a serious issue for concern: the budget deficit doesn't grow, the industry, agriculture, foreign economic relations maintain positive growth.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):129-137
pages 129-137 views

Potentsial i sostoyanie privlecheniya inostrannykh turistov vo V'etnam

Do Khyong Lan -.


Dr. Do Huong Lan, Head of the International Cooperation Department in the University of Foreign Trade of Vietnam in her article talked in detail about a great potential of development of the international tourism in Vietnam. The country is located in the subequatorial zone and has unique natural and recreational resources and comfortable climate conditions. According to the author, there has been recorded a drastic increase of the flow of tourists from Russia during the past 2-3 years. This number was a bit more than 20 000 tourists in 2005 and the recorded number in 2012 was 174 000. The author believes that one of the main factors of such a rapid increase of tourists was the introduction of visa-free regime for Russians for 15 days in 2009. In general in order to increase the influx of foreign tourists to the country and foreign exchange earnings from tourism, Vietnam needs to improve the quality of services, create a diverse tourist infrastructure, ensure integrated development of recreational areas and increase a number of high-class recreations, resorts and hotels.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):138-147
pages 138-147 views

V'etnamskaya obshchina - chast' rossiyskogo obshchestva?

Nguen Kan' Toan -.


Dr. Nguyen Canh Toan, Research Fellow of the Center of Russia and CIS in the Institute of European Studies of VAON, devoted his article to a very important subject of the Russian-Vietnamese relations, which is the Vietnamese community in Russia. It is considered to be one of the largest and moreover the most cohesive foreign Diaspora in Russia. According to the author, the Vietnamese migrants in Russia face many challenges, such as the harsh climate, high cost of visas, work permits, registration of the place of residence in OVIR and UVIR, apartment and selling spaces rent, medical and social insurance. Nevertheless, the Vietnamese people still love Russia, consider it their second home and voluntarily want to be a part of its modern society.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):148-164
pages 148-164 views

Zashchita «svobody veroispovedaniya» - ocherednoy povod k vmeshatel'stvu vo vnutrennie dela V'etnama

Shutov E.A.


Lawyer and employee of EE «GGATK» G.A. Shytov (Belorussia) in his article touches upon the following thorny question: a variety of means used by the external forces (primarily by the United States) to interfere in the internal affairs of Vietnam, including the so-called protection of «the religious freedom». Thus, the author refutes the assertion that «the socialist government of Vietnam considers Buddhism its enemy,» and shows, that it doesn't correspond to actual situation. In fact Buddhism is an equal part of the Vietnamese society and enjoys the necessary support from the Vietnamese government.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):165-169
pages 165-169 views

Pervye sovetsko-v'etnamskie kontakty, 1947-1950 gody (khronika sobytiy v dokumentakh MID SSSR)

Sokolov A.A.


Leading Researcher of the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies Dr. A.A. Sokolov, continuing his series of articles on unfamiliar facts of the Vietnamese-Russian relations during the period before the official establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries, told about the contacts between the Soviet diplomats and Vietnamese representatives in Bangkok in the late 1940s - early 1950s.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):170-191
pages 170-191 views

Ekonomicheskie prichiny vvoda yaponskikh voysk vo frantsuzskiy Indokitay

Sobolevski L.M.


Post-graduate student of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Warsaw University L. Sobolevski convincingly showed that the introduction of Japanese troops in Vietnam in the 1940s (in addition to well-known political reasons) was also made due to acute economic necessity.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):192-206
pages 192-206 views

Pervye rukovoditeli KPV i Rossiya (Istoricheskiy ocherk)

Kobelev E.V.


Deputy Head of the Center of Vietnam and ASEAN studies of IFES Dr. E.V. Kobelev reveals in his historical essay «The first leaders of the CPV and Russia,» a historically important and little studiedtopic, which is the study and work of one of the first General secretaries of the CPV Le Hong Phong and his wife Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, the secretary of the Saigon Party Committee in Russia, in 1920-1930's, their heroic revolutionary activities in Vietnam and tragic death in prison.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):207-226
pages 207-226 views

Koroli Khungi i «izobretenie traditsiy» v istorii V'etnama

Grigor'eva N.V.


Associate Professor of the Eastern Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University Dr. N.V. Grigorieva showed how the veneration of the mythical dynasty of the Kings Hung transferred from a historiographic problem into an important state cult.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):227-249
pages 227-249 views

Nekotorye voprosy v'etnamo-kitayskikh otnosheniy v pervoy chetverti XV v. po dannym v'etnamskikh i kitayskikh istochnikov

Fedorin A.L.


Doctor of History and Head of the Institute of Practical Oriental studies A. L. Fedorin devoted his article to the problems of ancient and medieval history of Vietnam. He spoke about the new data in relation with the national liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people against the invasion of the «northern lords» in the first quarter of the XV century.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):250-262
pages 250-262 views

Zhenshchiny v istorii V'etnama

Syunnerberg M.A.


Associate Professor of LAAS, MSU Dr. M.A. Syunnerberg using the example of life and work of the two well-known Vietnamese women (the Empress Nam Phuong and Tran Le Xuan, the sis-ter-in-law of Saigon dictator's Ngo Dinh Diem) tried to show that the role of women in the traditional Vietnamese society was more important than it was believed.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):263-277
pages 263-277 views

Akademik Guber A.A. i istoriya V'etnama

Novakova O.V.


Associate Professor of IAAS MSU Dr. O.V. Novakova brightly told about A.A. Guber, an outstanding Soviet scientist and orientalist, Academician and her first teacher in the Oriental studies. His work explores the most important problems of the new and recent history, economy and policy of the East, the general questions of the national liberation movement, the various aspects of international relations and colonial policy of the European metropolises. He made a significant contribution to the study of Vietnam. Novakova's article is devoted to this subject.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):278-283
pages 278-283 views

Novye foneticheskie zaimstvovaniya vo v'etnamskom yazyke: temporal'nyy i sotsiolingvisticheskiy aspekt

Musiychuk V.A.


V.A. Musiychuk, Doctor of Philology, Researcher in the University named after Krimskiy and a guest from Ukraine shared the results of her research on the phonetic borrowings in the modem Vietnamese language.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):284-294
pages 284-294 views

O novom bol'shom v'etnamsko-russkom slovare

Andreeva V.A.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):295-302
pages 295-302 views

Obrazy zhivotnykh kak natsional'no-spetsificheskie simvoly v'etnamskoy frazeologii

Tyumeneva E.I.


Dr. E.I. Tyumeneva, Professor of the MFA Higher Courses of Foreign Languages, shared a very informative article «The images of animals as national and specific symbols of the Vietnamese paremia.»
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):303-313
pages 303-313 views

Konflikt mezhdu sem'ey i lichnost'yu v romanakh Nyat Linya «Reshitel'nyy razryv» i «Kholod»

Filimonova T.N.


The following works can be regarded as «serial» articles: the story by Doctor of Philology and Senior Lecturer of IAAS MSU T.N. Filimonova about Nhat Linh, a Vietnamese romantic writer of the first half of the twentieth century, the story by Professor of DFGU Dr. A.Y. Sokolovsky about an avant-garde artist Vu Dan Tan, who has recently passed away and also an article by A.N. Khokhlov about a Russian journalist I. S. Levitov and his reports from Hanoi in 1903.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):314-329
pages 314-329 views

Zhurnalist I. S. Levitov i ego reportazhi iz Khanoya v 1903 g

Khokhlov A.N.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):330-345
pages 330-345 views

Sovremennyy v'etnamskiy khudozhnik-avangardist Vu Zan Tan

Sokolovskiy A.Y.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):346-353
pages 346-353 views

Glazunovu Evgeniyu Pavlovichu skoro 85 let

- -.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):354-360
pages 354-360 views

Novakovoy Oksane Vladimirovne - 75 let

- -.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):361-369
pages 361-369 views

Pamyati Anatoliya Sergeevicha Voronina (1941-2013)

- -.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2014;1(4):370-374
pages 370-374 views

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