Vol 2, No 3 (2018)


Public protests in Vietnam: the maturation of civil society or the prologue for a "color revolution"?

Tsvetov A.P., Tsvetov P.Y.


The paper analyzes the public protests in Vietnam that took place in its largest cities in June 2018, and their causes in the form of two controversial bills put forward by the Parliament. These protests are considered in the context of the development of civil society and are regarded as evidence of increased activity of public forces in Vietnam under the influence of new opportunities to mobilize them for protests, including through social networks. The authors specify in the June events of 2018 more pronounced than before political orientation and reveal the importance of protests for the social contract in Vietnam.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):5-17
pages 5-17 views

Impacts of new generation of free trade agreements (FTAs) on the development of export - import markets of members - Vietnam case study

Pham N.M., Nguyen T.H., Le H.K., Hoang T.V., Nguyen K.L.


Based on the combination of the documentary research and the field research through the surveys and in-depth interviews with experts and businessmen, the paper will present an overview of new generation FTAs and their impact on the development of international trade of member countries. Vietnam will be the case for analysis, review and anticipation of impact of the new generation FTAs on the development of the export-import market. This will provide some recommendation and implications for joining the new generation FTAs for member country.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):18-31
pages 18-31 views

Colonial press on one of social evils in Vietnam

Dang T.V.


The paper overviews how colonial press in Vietnam assessed the spread and consequances of prostitution in the 1930s. The research is based on broad analysis of related publications during this period. In the first part the author explores a great threat of these evils to Vietnamese society through presenting data on the number and position of prostitutes, the incidence rate of venereal diseases extracted from colonial press and research. The second part describes the attempts, mainly ineffective, of the colonial government to control and prevent the expansion of sexually transmitted diseases in Vietnam. The third part discovers the role of the press of that time in educating the public about the danger of venereal diseases, methods of their treatment and ways to control prostitution.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):32-43
pages 32-43 views

USSR and Vietnam at the negotiations in Paris

Dang K.O., Nguyen T.M.


The article presents, on the basis of archival documents, the authors’ interpretation of the USSR and China positions regarding the conduct of the negotiations in Paris on the war settlement in Vietnam (1968-1972) and the conclusion of the Paris Peace Accord in January 1973. The emphasis is placed on the influence of the two communist powers’ relations with the United States on their position in these talks. Sino-Soviet differences on the issues of war and peace in Vietnam are revealed, it is concluded that they did not allow strategic allies to give full support to the struggle of the Vietnamese people for independence, and even restrained it.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):44-53
pages 44-53 views

USSR and Vietnamese diplomacy during the War. Expert’s remarks

Kobelev E.V.


In the commentary to the article by Dang Kim Oanh and Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa “The USSR and Vietnam at the negotiations in Paris”, the famous Russian expert on Vietnam polemizes with some conclusions of the authors of the article and notes the decisive role of the USSR in the success of the Paris talks on Vietnam.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):54-56
pages 54-56 views

The propagation of Buddhism and its impact on popular culture in Vietnam

Dao M.H.


The article analyzes the history of Vietnamese Buddhism in different periods and its impact on national art, especially theater. The main postulates of Buddhism and their implementation in Vietnamese art are revealed. The author shows how the ideology of Buddhism has deeply influenced almost all realms of Vietnamese people's culture. It’s concluded that the role of Buddhism as the base of popular culture predetermined its so-called "revival" in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Vietnam.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):57-67
pages 57-67 views

Originality of Vietnamese Buddhism. Expert ’s review

Novakova O.V.


The article provides a detailed analysis of the article by Dao Manh Hung about the spread of Buddhism in Vietnam and its influence on the folk culture. The author shows the importance of this topic for determining the geopolitical code of Vietnam and understanding its history. The article shows the relationship of Buddhism and Christianity in Vietnam.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):68-73
pages 68-73 views

A new insight on the war with the United States in Vietnamese literature

Britov I.V.


The article dwells upon publications by Inostrannaya Literatura magazine of two Vietnamese literary works - a short story by Nguyen Thu Tran “The Settlement of Vietnamese Servants” (“Xom so My”) and a short story by Le Van Thao “Mr. Giant with Big Moustache” (“Ong ca ho”), in the translation of I.V. Britov. Based on the content of the story by Nguyen Thu Tran, the author of the article highlights new approaches in covering the war theme by Vietnamese writers and notes new trends that are characteristic of Vietnamese public consciousness, in particular, regarding the U.S. military, former adversaries during the Second Indochina War (Resistance War). The story “The Settlement of American Servants” attempted to whitewash the former enemy. However, against the general background of modern Vietnamese literature, such an attitude to the matter is only an exception. The author tried to compare the Russians’ understanding of the lessons of the Great Patriotic War (of the USSR against Nazi Germany in 1941-1945) with the Vietnamese perception of the lessons of American aggression. It is shown by the example of Le Van Thao’s story how important it is for the reader to know the biography of the author to understand the essence of creativity and the emotional charge of the works of a particular writer.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):74-82
pages 74-82 views

Potential and problems of the development of Vietnam-Russia relations (review of the Round table held in the Institute of Far Eastern studies, RAS, on August 30,2018)

Mazyrin V.M.


The paper presents the assessments of leading Russian and Vietnamese experts on the development of Vietnam, state and tendencies of interaction between two parties in different realms and suggests ways to improve the efficiency of cooperation. It contains the analysis of security threats and external factors, Russia's relations with ASEAN, the results of the first years of the Free trade area between the Eurasian economic Union and Vietnam. The forecast of Chinese influence on both sides, including though ‘One Belt, one Road’ project, as well as of the new geopolitical format promoted by the USA - the so-called Indo-Pacific region (IPR) is displayed too.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):83-90
pages 83-90 views

On the first complex zoological and botanical expedition of the Russian-Vietnamese tropical center

Bobrov V.V.


Investigations of a biodiversity of terrestrial and water ecosystems - one of three main goals of created in 1987 Soviet (Russian)-Vietnamese Tropical research and technological center. Carrying out these researches has been begun on field stations, first of which has been created in Ma Da forestry. For expansion of geography of researches a series of complex zoological and botanical expeditions to various nature reserves and national parks of the Vietnam has been begun, first of which have taken place in 1996 to the Fan Si Pan mountain range. However, actually the first similar complex expedition should be considered which has taken place in 1989 in Cuc Phuong national park. The beginning of long-term monitoring of the reforestation processes for what several plot areas have been put was its main goal. Unfortunately, because of sharp deterioration in an economic situation and the followed collapse of the USSR, that expedition to Cuc Phuong remained single. Nevertheless, considerable results on processes of reforestation and on systematics and ecology of lizards have been received.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):91-97
pages 91-97 views

On the defense of dissertations

- -.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):98-102
pages 98-102 views
pages 103-110 views
pages 111-116 views

Closer to the truth

Tsvetov P.Y.


The review is given to the book "Mythbusting Vietnam" published in Copenhagen. Its authors, most of them sociologists, set out to understand some of the phenomena of social life in Vietnam in the light of some views well-established in the West. Such issues as the impact of the Soviet Union on reforms in Vietnam, the similarity of the Doi Moi policy in Vietnam, reforms in China and Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika are considered. Special attention is paid to the problems of Vietnam’s cities, in particular the situation of rural residents who moved there. The review offers a brief overview of the published materials; some objections are expressed to a number of conclusions.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(3):117-122
pages 117-122 views

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