Vol 2, No 4 (2018)


SWOT analysis of the Renovation policy in Vietnam and the problems of Russian-Vietnamese relations

Kolotov V.N.


The article presents the conclusions of a study of two closely related topics. In the framework of the first, the development of the political situation in Vietnam is considered under the influence of the Renewal policy (Doi Moi) on the basis of the SWOT analysis. The main focus is put on the most acute problems in the field of security and the conditions for their successful overcoming. The second section is devoted to the Russian-Vietnamese relations; the emphasis is made on identifying the reasons for their low efficiency. The author identifies security problems that can be solved only with the support of the Russian Federation, but not China and the United States. It was concluded that the low efficiency of cooperation between Russia and Vietnam hinders its development, despite the coincidence of the strategic interests of the parties.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):5-18
pages 5-18 views

Women’s Political Participation in Vietnam from Institutional, Gender and Cultural Perspectives

Tran T.M.


Based on gender-related data in the political sphere for the past few years, the paper focuses on analyses and arguments, aiming at clarifying the actual status of Vietnamese women’s political participation as well as barriers against their participation and representation. Research works have demonstrated that the proportion of women holding the top management positions remains low, although their proportion in the political system has increased generally. As shown by research findings, there are several factors impacting on women’s political participation including institutional settings, gender biases under cultural influences, family responsibilities and gender related characteristics.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):19-29
pages 19-29 views

Cross-border trade between Cambodia and Vietnam and its impact on the economic development

Burova E.S.


Currently, Vietnam is one of Cambodia's key trading partners and its role is steadily growing. During 2000-2016 the share of Vietnam in the volume of foreign trade of the country almost doubled. It became possible to achieve such impressive results of the mutual trade growth largely due to a wide practice of using both countries advantages of cross-border trade, which accounts for 80-90% of mutual trade. Cross-border trade between two countries has overcome several stages of development -from the level of self-organization and self-government to the development of state programs and the achievement of interstate agreements, which, in fact, have become the basis for regional policies to boost the economic development of the Great Mekong subregion, as well as backward frontier territories, with the subsequent creation of special frontier trade zones. Cross-border trade promotes economic development of border regions, foreign trade of the country as a whole and serves as a stimulating factor for the development of international integration processes. At the same time, it certainly has its negative consequences. It’s often "suspected" of having informal practices. And these "suspicions" are confirmed. In the border areas, smuggling and fraud have always existed and are still widespread. This report assesses the scale of cross-border trade, its organization, structure, and weighs the positive and negative consequences.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):30-42
pages 30-42 views

Pension system in Vietnam: new challenges and development prospects

Tran T.X., Ngo T.H.


This paper investigates the development of retirement pension system in Vietnam through assessing its structure, current state, strengths and shortcomings. The authors explain the need of introducing and explore the model of the superannuation fund model in Vietnam as a supplemental pension channel for employees, besides other state retirement savings and voluntary supplemental retirement schemes. The paper contains some recommendations to policy makers and regulators aiming to drive the development of retirement pension system in Vietnam, especially the superannuation fund model.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):43-53
pages 43-53 views

External support for internal issue: Phan Boi Chau and the Vietnamese “Dong Du” movement in the early 20th century

Nguyen V.K.


Dong Du movement refers to a revolutionary trend of Vietnamese to go to Japan for study. The first Go to Japan/Dong Du movement, from 1905 to 1908, led by Phan Boi Chau, paved the way for the next Dong Du movements in the XX century. However, to help readers visualize the three movements of Dong Du associated with the development of the Vietnamese - Japanese relations in the XX century, the article explores the circumstance and conditions of formation, development and results of the first wave of Dong Du movements (the Vietnamese youth is going to Japan to study and for revolutionary purposes). The author clarifies the position and the role of Phan Boi Chau and the Dong Du movement not only in the Patriotic movements against French in Vietnam but also in the establishment and development of friendly relationship between Vietnam and Japan in the XX century.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):54-65
pages 54-65 views

Local accents on Central television of the SRV

Nguyen V.L.


The article presents a study of modem methods of the tone system, used by speakers of the central Vietnamese television channel VTV1 with the Saigon pronunciation. Comparing the characteristics of their speech on the air with the characteristics of the Saigon accent of everyday communication, the author concludes that at the present time there is a process of convergence of the Saigon accent with the standard pronunciation.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):66-78
pages 66-78 views

200th anniversary of Karl Marx

Gorchakova T.E.


The article presents the outcome of the international scientific conference “Marx 200: the ideas of Karl Marx on the relationship between social justice and democracy and its current relevance”, organized by the Institute of Philosophy of the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences and the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation of Germany in Vietnam. The article provides excerpts from individual reports, analyzing the ideas of Karl Marx from the contemporary viewpoint and showing, how the Vietnamese scientists seek to unite the thoughts of K. Marx with the main provisions of the renewal policy being implemented in Vietnam after the VI CPV Congress.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):79-83
pages 79-83 views

On the collective scientific project of the Institute of Economics, RAS with the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences

Glinkina S.P., Migranyan A.A., Pylin A.G.


This is a review of the collective scientific research of Russian scientists with the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences titled "The Problems of Implementation and the Expected Effects of the "Eurasian Economic Union - Vietnam" Free Trade Agreement", that was executed under the RHSF/RFBR grant in 2016-2018 in the Institute of Economics, RAS. The review presents goals and tasks set by the research team, the directions of the research and its main results. Particular attention is paid to assessing the trade effects of the implementation of this agreement, analyzing the risks and threats to the participating countries. The paper provides a forecast of the main parameters of the development of mutual trade in the conditions of the FTA, provides recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the current agreement.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):84-95
pages 84-95 views

On the defense of dissertations

- -.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):96-98
pages 96-98 views

Memorandum of Understanding between the EEC and ASEAN in the field of economic Cooperation

- -.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):99-101
pages 99-101 views

Asia: Challenges for Russia. Review on the collective monograph “Asian models of reforming. Opportunities and challenges for Russia”

Kabir L.S.


In the monograph «Asian models of reform. Opportunities and challenges for Russia» a team of leading Russian orientalists-economists explores the transformation of socio-economic systems and the creation of conditions for the sustainable development of Eastern countries that were previously a part of the world socialist system: China, Vietnam, North Korea, Mongolia.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):102-106
pages 102-106 views

The truth about the Vietnam War. Review on the book of M. Bowden “Hue 68. A turning point of the American war in Vietnam

Lokshin G.M.


The author examines the book of a veteran of the American military journalism Mark Bowden, based on a large number of archival documents and eyewitness of the Tet offensive of 1968. It is noted that M. Bowden acknowledges that the Vietnamese’s desire to protect their independence was crucial in the political success of the offensive, while the Americans did not have such a strong motivation. The author agrees with M. Bowden's assessment of the mediocre decisions of the American command and the falsity of the American media, but argues with attempts to equate the actions of the NLF and the VNA with the actions of the American troops.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):107-115
pages 107-115 views

In memory of V.V. Ivanov

Nikulina E.
The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2018;2(4):116-118
pages 116-118 views

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