Vol 6, No 1 (2022)

Scientific researches

The sovereign of the jungles, or the tiger image in folklore of Vietnam

Legostaeva A.S.


The tiger image has become an integral part of world art and literature. No artists and poets could remain indifferent to its regal appearance and gracious movements, deceptive calmness and sudden transformation into a vicious predator; and they devoted their works to this animal.

Using rare matters connected with superstitions and folklore of Vietnam, the author observes the relations of the tiger and the human and determines its place in spiritual life and oral tradition of the Vietnamese.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):5-16
pages 5-16 views

The Mekong issue on ASEAN’s agenda and Vietnam’s middle-power diplomacy

Vu Thi T.N.


Since Vietnam assumed ASEAN Rotational Chairmanship in 2020, for the first time, the Mekong issue has been put on the association’s agenda. This can be considered a crucial milestone, not only for the Mekong riparian countries but for ASEAN as a ten-member regional community as well. The necessity of re-positioning the Mekong issue on ASEAN’s agenda is not entirely new in both academic and policy-making communities, but perhaps has never been as pressing as it is today due to objective and subjective reasons. Vietnam’s rotational chairmanship of ASEAN has increasingly spurred advocates of discussing the Mekong issue in ASEAN and ASEAN-led mechanisms. Espousing to a comprehensive approach rather than adopting a single International Relations (IR) theory, this paper attempts to shed light on ASEAN’s strategic motivations to raise the Mekong issue on its agenda and concurrently, disentangle the puzzle “why Vietnam’s ASEAN Chairmanship Year is the turning point for the Mekong’s fate” from the perspectives that Hanoi is a key driver. Vietnam is particularly vulnerable to negative impacts of natural and artificial activities on the Mekong River, the country’s furthest downstream. Both the association and Vietnam have legitimate interests to push for the inclusion of the Mekong issue on ASEAN’s agenda. The article implies that Vietnam’s middle-power proactivism is one of the most motivational catalysts for ASEAN’s choice.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):17-27
pages 17-27 views

Surplus in balance of payments and some policy recommendations for Vietnam

Nguyen Thi V.H.


The balance of payments (BoP) is a critical macroeconomic indicator that helps understand the overall picture of a country's economic transactions with foreign ones. Vietnam's BoP has continuously been in surplus in recent years, even when heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on descriptive statistical methods, comparison, analysis and synthesis, this article has shown that the surplus in the current account of Vietnam was mainly due to the surplus in the trade balance. In addition, despite receiving large remittances, the amount of money that Vietnam had to pay to foreign investors was always much more excess than that Vietnam earns from investing abroad, causing the balance of income to run in deficit. Vietnam's financial account was also in surplus because she has received an enormous amount of foreign direct investments. The surplus in Vietnam's BoP has enhanced Vietnam's external position, but it has put pressure on the domestic currency to appreciate and warn of future macroeconomic uncertainties. Therefore, in the future, Vietnam needs to determine the priority in its policy whether to stabilise the exchange rate or have an independent monetary policy in the context of increasingly liberalised capital accounts.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):28-39
pages 28-39 views

Multidimensional poverty and human development of Vietnam in comparison with some Southeast Asian countries

Nguyen D.T.


According to the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) Annual Human Development Report and global multidimensional poverty data published by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) in recent years, Vietnam has made encouraging achievements in its human development and multidimensional poverty reduction. However, there still remain limitations in comparison with other countries in the region. Based on the UNDP’s Human Development Index (HDI) and OPHI’s Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) data, this article seeks to analyze, compare and contrast the MPI and HDI indicators of Vietnam with those of some other Southeast Asian countries to clarify the trends of human development and reduction in multidimensional poverty in Vietnam compared with some Southeast Asian countries in recent years.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):40-51
pages 40-51 views

The Vietnamese weapons of the 17th century from the collection of the National Museum of Netherlands

Vetyukov V.A.


This article is a first part of an investigation of rare and little-known items from the Oriental weapons collection of Admiral Cornelis Tromp (1629–1691), which are now on display in Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam). The Dutch investigators claim, that the wooden weapon-rack with the specimens of cold-weapons and firearms, as well as the additional accessories on it, originates from Tonquin (North Vietnam).

The author undertakes research of the collection’s history and the problems of its attribution. The work indicates the probable path, by which the weapons could be brought to Amsterdam from Vietnam in the 17th century. The questions of the Dutch East India Company activities in Southeast Asia are touched in that aspect.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):52-62
pages 52-62 views

Female spirits of the male cult: tutelary goddesses in the South of modern Vietnam (based on the fieldwork in the city of Vung Tau)

Gordienko E.V.


This article discusses the pantheon in the temple of female spirits (Miếu Ngũ Hành) located in the city of Vung Tau in southern Vietnam according to my fieldworks during 2018. The spirits are more various than spirits of pantheon in traditional forms of worship in the north of Vietnam. The inhabitants of Vung Tau worship some deities borrowed from neighbors: the Cham and Khmer goddesses, and female deities embodying the five elements of the Chinese religious system (wu xing). A feature of the temple is the female divine service, although usually women perform an auxiliary role in ceremonies in honor of tutelary spirits, and in traditional Vietnam they were not allowed to the altars at all. According to the community house territory plan (beginning of the 19th century) the participation of women in ceremonies was originally assumed and, what is important, allowed by the authorities.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):63-72
pages 63-72 views

Early contemporary art in Vietnam: Đổi Mới shift as spur of innovation in globalizing 1990s-Hanoi

Lenzi I.


The social impacts of 1986 Đổi Mới economic reform in Vietnam are well-studied. However, connections between Đổi Mới change and 1990s artistic transformation are not. This study examines these ties to reveal how post-Đổi Mới, outside Vietnamese mainstream art, and in not yet globally-open Hanoi, vanguard expressions emerged. Using artwork analysis and cross-disciplinary literature, this paper spotlights how material and social landscapes of 1990s-Hanoi impacted art. It uncovers parallels with Southeast Asian contemporary art to conclude that Hanoi vanguard practices constituted early Vietnamese contemporary art expanding regional 20th century art history without obligatory recourse to outside models.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):73-85
pages 73-85 views

Accommodation in dialect contact: evidence from an urban community in Vietnam

Trinh C.L.


Applying Giles' communication accommodation theory and Trudgill’s accommodation model through quantitative analysis method, this paper presents the investigative findings of accommodation of the Northern dialect community in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam. Communication accommodation is demonstrated by selecting dialect variants of the community in the new settlement. Research shows that the communicative environment has created significant pressure that influences the level of accommodation. It also shows that the accommodation index is compatible with some of social variables such as prestige status of an immigrant dialect, duration of living in a new city, type of communication, and marriage models, in which, prestige status of an immigrant dialect and duration of living in a new city are the most important.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):86-96
pages 86-96 views

Scientific life

The conference with the theme “Russia – Vietnam cooperation in the context of the current geopolitical situation in East Asia”

Shpakovskaya M.A., Ponka T.I., Kuklin N.S.


The article is a review of the conference with the theme “Russia – Vietnam Cooperation in the Context of the Current Geopolitical Situation in East Asia”, having been held jointly with the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. Russian and Vietnamese researchers discussed a wide range of issues and interaction perspectives of Russia and Vietnam in the current international situation. Also, the participants considered at length the development of Vietnam’s relations with other influential world’s actors, including the US and the PRC.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):97-101
pages 97-101 views

Dissertation defense

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):102-103
pages 102-103 views


Relevant problems of current Vietnam in new collective research of Russian and foreign authors

Selivanov I.N.


The review discusses the book written by Russian and foreign researchers, and dedicated for the 13th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam held in late January – early February 2021. The book consists of three main parts containing 17 articles by authors from Russia, Vietnam, France and Japan. They show different aspects of the SRV current domestic and foreign policy, as well as of its social, economic and cultural development, also, in the historical aspect. It is noted that the regular congress of the ruling party of Vietnam is an important event, which summed up the results of the SRV development in 2016–2021 and determined the main perspectives of its development up to 2045.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(1):104-107
pages 104-107 views

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