Vol 6, No 2 (2022)

Scientific researches

A comprehensive strategic partnership of the RF and the SRV: the achieved result or a perspective target?

Britov I.V.


The author of the article makes an attempt of the conceptual consideration of a comprehensive strategic partnership, a poorly investigated kind of international relations, so far. It is mentioned that different countries, as well as official documents and research-works discuss the features of this status of international relations differently. General theoretical conclusions are applied to the concrete object of the research, i.e., to current Russia-Vietnam relations. The conclusion is that the level of their development does not fully correspond to the content of the term “comprehensive strategic partnership”. It is emphasized that such a situation interferes with the efficient development of cooperation. The current confrontation of the West with the Russian Federation against the background of the developments in Ukraine affects Russia-Vietnam relations.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):4-17
pages 4-17 views

Populism in Vietnam today: status-quo and policy recommendation

Phùng C.K., Nguyên L.N.


Populism has been on the rise globally since the earliest years of the twenty-first century. Recently, the term “populism” has appeared with relatively high frequency on a number of news media, notably at a time during the double shock of the 2016 Brexit movement and the success in the US presidential election of Donald Trump. In Vietnam, populism does not have enough grounds to exist in a form of “ism” in the original sense, but mainly in specific manifestations. Despite the fact that the idea has not yet governed the Vietnamese people’s lives, its influence is still considerable. This is one of the complicated problems that need to be carefully studied. This article focuses on analyzing the status-quo of populism in Vietnam, thus offering some policy recommendations.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):18-28
pages 18-28 views

Vietnamese domestic policy: economic strategy and the “shift to services”

Fforde A.


The paper discusses recent changes in Vietnamese development strategy: a shift to greater emphasis upon services rather than industry. Given the historical focus of strategy upon the traditional ‘trope’ of factories and an industrial proletariat ‘led by the Party’, this change clearly has significance across many dimensions. The paper explains the policy shift. It then links this strategy, endorsed by the Party, to tensions globally. On the one hand the data shows that developing countries have since the end of the Cold War tended to servicise, not industrialise, with the faster growing countries showing more servicisation (as a share of GDP). On the other, data on research and donor advice shows a continuing and far greater interest in industrialisation. The paper points to published research on Vietnam since 2016 that appears to endorse servicisation. Contrast is made between Vietnam and ‘poster boys’ such as Thailand and Malaysia, praised in the early 1990s as ‘Newly Industrialising Countries’, that now seem to confront relative economic stagnation. Vietnam’s rapid economic growth whilst not implementing the Party’s strategy of ‘Modernisation and Industrialisation’ invites reexamination of the underlying forces driving change in Vietnam.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):29-36
pages 29-36 views

Socio-environmental problems of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Rogozhina N.G.


The article discusses the features of the socio-environmental situation in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The first part analyzes the causes of its degradation under the influence of factors related to the economic development of the river both in Vietnam and abroad and multiplied by the consequences of climate change. The destruction of the Mekong Delta ecosystem calls into question the sustainability of the region’s future economic development and threatens the country’s food security. The second part of the article analyzes the policy promoted by the state to minimize the environmental consequences of ongoing development projects and adaptation to climate change. The author comes to the conclusion that despite the existing difficulties in implementing the planned measures, the state is ready to create conditions for the transition to sustainable development in the Mekong Delta.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):37-45
pages 37-45 views

Phan Chau Trinh - the outstanding Vietnamese reformer early XX century

Nguyễn V.K.


Phan Chau Trinh (1872–1926) is one of the most typical reformist in Vietnam in the early twentieth century. The article analyzes his political views and the concept of national salvation he proposed. For a more complete and objective disclosure of the role of Phan Châu Trinh, archival documents, mainly collected in France, as well as proceedings of scientific seminars and conferences of recent years, were involved. In the context of the Đoi moi reforms carried out since 1986 and the country's course towards international integration, reference to the history of Vietnam and the activities of famous political figures such as Phan Chau Trinh, who made a huge contribution to the struggle for independence, is of particular relevance.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):46-57
pages 46-57 views

Vietnamese religious syncretism as reflected in the novel “Ho Quy Ly” by Nguyen Xuan Khanh

Muralova E.O.


The article discusses the problem of syncretism of different religious doctrines as shown in the novel “Ho Quy Ly” by modern Vietnamese writer Nguyen Xuan Khanh. The novel has not been sufficiently investigated yet in either domestic or foreign literary criticism. The work focuses on the religious problems, viz. on Vietnamese religious syncretism, as reflected in the novel. The author has used works by leading Russian Sinologists and Vietnamists for theoretical ground. Methodology comprises historical and cultural as well as comparative approaches. The article analyses the interaction of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in the novel. The conclusions state the connection of spiritual crisis and political decline of the Vietnamese monarchy in the late 14th century.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):58-67
pages 58-67 views

Cultural capital and the development of cultural industries in Vietnam

Từ T.L.


Since recently the government of Vietnam has paid special attention to the development of cultural industries. Culture used to be the branch which could but “spend money” and exist at the expense of other branches, but now it is gradually becoming an important source of economic value creation and contribution to GDP of Vietnam. Considering culture to be capital also for Vietnam’s culture, the article sheds light on the development of five cultural industries, viz. cinema, performance arts, fine arts, advertisment and cultural tourism, showing thereby the contribution of culture to social and economic development of contemporary Vietnam.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):68-81
pages 68-81 views

Euphemia as a linguocultural phenomenon of the Vietnamese language

Andreeva V.A.


The article analyzes euphemia as a linguocultural phenomenon in the Vietnamese language. It examines the interrelationship between euphemisms and taboos. The author distinguishes five functional types of euphemisms. They are: euphemisms-word taboos used to avoid names of frightful things and phenomena; euphemisms to substitute something obscene, indecent, unpleasant; etiquette euphemisms; political euphemisms; puns (wordplay) for an intended humorous effect. There are the following large fields of euphemisms: everyday-spoken and socio-political. There have been determined euphemism formation modes which are divided into two large categories: structural (formal) and lexico-semantic ones. The article analyzes different euphemism formation modes. In the course of the study, the author has used a broad illustrative material. The research work relevance is due to the widespread usage of euphemisms in the media and communication.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):82-89
pages 82-89 views

Scientific life

The Vietnam cross days between MGIMO University and St Petersburg State University

Kolotova N.V., Kuklin N.S., Vershinina V.V.


The article surveys a scientific conference and a scientific-practical student seminar held in Moscow and in St Petersburg in the frameworks of the “Vietnam Cross Days” that were organized by MGIMO Vietnamese Students Association, the ASEAN Centre in cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh Institute of the Saint-Petersburg State University. Russian and Vietnamese speakers discussed a wide range of issues, including bilateral relations, growth and development of Vietnam, as well as the history, culture and language of this country.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):90-98
pages 90-98 views

The conference on ASEAN at IFES RAS

Burova E.S., Mazyrin V.M.


The article is a survey of the international conference with the theme: “ASEAN on the Path of Integration: Achievements, Dilemmas, Challenges” held by IFES RAS jointly with the ASEAN Center at MGIMO University, timed for the 55th anniversary of ASEAN. More than 100 Russian and foreign specialists took part in the conference. There following themes were exposed: ASEAN foreign policy, ASEAN relations with the main strategic partners, integration processes in some countries, relevant tasks of sustainable development of ASEAN countries, legal issues, cultural dialogue and scientific discourse.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):99-104
pages 99-104 views

The defense of the dissertation for obtaining the scientific degree of candidate of economics by Doan Thi Mai (The International Banking Institute named after Anatoly Sobchak) with the theme “Scientific and Methodical Aspects of the Development of the National Health Insurance System (based on Vietnam)”


The defense of the thesis on specialty 08.00.10 “Finance, money circulation and credit” was held on April 27, 2022 at the Dissertation Council session D 999.076.02 based on the International Banking Institute named after Anatoly Sobchak (IBI) and Emperor Alexander I St Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS).

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):105-106
pages 105-106 views

Tribute to the scientist

In memory of German Vasilyevich Kuznetsov (1.09.1940 – 1.05.2022)

Bobrov V.V., Filatova S.V.


This is an essay on life and work of one of the main specialists on Vietnam’s biodiversity, who spent many years investigating tropical forests of the country, the author of over a hundred articles on the results of those investigations and of the book “Mammals of Vietnam”.

The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 2022;6(2):107-110
pages 107-110 views

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