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The Ph.D. (Economics) thesis by Lo Thi Hong Van [Federal State autonomous educational institution of higher education “Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University”] on the theme “The Industry Development Management in the Frameworks of Stable Economic Development (the Pattern of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam)” The thesis defense in specialty 08.00.05 - Economics and Management of National Economy took place on 08.04.2021 at the session of Dissertation Council D 999.056.02 on the base of FSAEI HE “Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University”, FSAEI HE “ITMO University”. The thesis discusses theoretical theory and practical recommendations to improve industry management as the key model element of stable economic development of the SRV. The investigation has confirmed that the current model of economic development of Vietnam is out of date, as it is based on extensive factors, which generates various disbalances. The author’s analysis of the triad of stable development has revealed that economy in Vietnam is not completely supplemented with other development trends, such as social and ecological ones. The author has concluded that the basic model of economic development which had acted till 2020, nevertheless, has permitted to achieve the objectives and to prepare conditions to turn to the model of stable economic growth in the period of 2021-2040. Academic adviser: Guzikova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, D.Sc. (Economics), Assistant Professor. Leading organization: Federal State budget educational institution of higher education “Voronezh State Technical University” The Ph.D. (Politics) thesis by Vershinina Valeria Valeryevna [Federal State autonomous educational institution of higher education “MGIMO (the University) of MFA RF”] on the theme “Regional Integration Groupings in Foreign Policy of Middle Powers (the Pattern of Vietnam)” The thesis defense in specialty 23.00.04 - Political problems of international relations, global and regional development took place on 20.05.2021 at the session of MGIMO Dissertation Council on the base of FSAEI HE “MGIMO (the University) MFA RF”. Вьетнамские исследования. Серия 2. 2021, № 2 170 In the frameworks of this thesis the role of regional integration groupings and institutions in Vietnam’s foreign policy is discussed. The work contains the analysis of Southeast Asian region. But the author concentrates more concretely on the study of Vietnam being today the object of a special scientific interest, while it is an actively developing new middle power. In contradistinction to former attempts to explain the phenomenon of middle powers through the prism of their relations with great powers this work emphasizes the role of regional integration groupings and institutions in foreign policy of middle powers as a tool to enhance their influence on the international scene. Despite the fixation of such a phenomenon as “a middle power” in many scientific publications, current science on international relations possesses no fundamental theory comprehensively explaining this phenomenon. The author of the thesis has made an attempt to formulate general criteria of singling out middle powers taking into account qualitative and quantitative indices. The results of the investigation permit to bring forward a preliminary formulation of the regularities of middle powers’ foreign policy behavior (the pattern of Vietnam), which allows to move on towards better conceptualization of this phenomenon. Academic adviser: Koldunova Yekaterina Valeryevna, Ph.D. (Politics), Assistant Professor of the Department of Oriental Studies, MGIMO MFA RF. Reviewers: Kanaev Yevgeny Aleksandrovich, D.Sc. (History), Professor of the Faculty of World Economics and World Politics, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”; Strezhneva Marina Vadimovna, D.Sc. (Politics), Professor of the Department of Integration Processes of European Studies Institute, MGIMO MFA RF. The Ph.D. (History) thesis by Moskalyov Petr Eduardovich (Federal State budget educational institution of higher education “Saint Petersburg State University”) on the theme “Foreign Chinese in the History of Thailand and Vietnam in the 20th - early 21st cent.” The thesis defense in specialty 07.00.03 - World History (Modern and Recent History) took place on 28.06.2021 at the session of Saint Petersburg State University Dissertation Council А07.21.3162 on the base of FSBEI HE “Saint Petersburg State University”. The author has presented complex comparative-historical analysis, synthesis and systematization of information on the role of foreign Chinese in historic development of Thailand and Vietnam, on their influence on social processes in these countries in the 20th - early 21st centuries. For the first time, the dissertation has analyzed common traits and distinctions in the position of foreign Chinese in both the countries. Also, historic pre-requisitions of these similarities and distinctions have been observed and their probable consequences have been predicted. For the first time in Russian historiography the author has revealed the role of geopolitical factors, such as “instability arcs”, in the development mechanism of Chinese diasporas in modern and recent history of Vietnam and Thailand. It has been mentioned that currently Thailand and Vietnam are forced to balance constantly between the interests of China and the US in foreign policy, though often neither Вьетнамские исследования. Серия 2. 2021, № 2 172 of them fully meets their own economic interests closely connected with the factor of foreign Chinese in the economies of the both countries. Academic adviser: Kolotov Vladimir Nikolaevich, D.Sc. (History), Professor. Reviewers - Dissertation Council members: Dyakov Nikolay Nikolaevich, D.Sc. (History), Saint Petersburg State University; Leksyutina Yana Valeryevna, D.Sc. (Politics), Saint Petersburg State University; Samoylov Nikolay Anatolyevich, D.Sc. (History), Saint Petersburg State University; Kotin Igor’ Yuryevich, D.Sc. (History), Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera), RAS; Mosyakov Dmitry Valentinovich, D.Sc. (History), Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS; Thayer Carlile Alan, Ph.D. (History), the University of New South Wales, Australia.

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